Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Daffodil Finn

Here he is ... FINN! AKA mini Brad... he is so much like Brad. If he continues to be like his dad then he will so totally cool for life! What a fun time we had with him too. He is my little friend. I am thankful for him and his talking eyes.
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Marissa said...

Finn looks just like Brad, and Rob I think... and Galla like her mom. Is that picture of Finn at the Portland temple? That's where Denton and I got hitched - where the madness began!!!
We're gonna be at the Oregon Coast in June, if you guys are by any chance gonna be there we should hook up.
Those kids probably die over their Mimi!

Brad said...

Finn is my little guy. he even smells like me, sometimes...in a good way. We will be outnumbered in June. That's why I take him man-training every week on a man-date. feel free to send beef jerky and wing sauce when the next girl comes.

Maylin said...

I thought I'd commented on here like a week ago, but I must've just done it in my head. Anyway, what I was going to say was thank goodness for Finn's talking eyes because his mouth doesn't do much of it! Actually, he does talk a lot--I just can't understand it. I need Galla to translate.