Monday, April 21, 2008


YEAH !!!! NO SNOW!! Lovin' those daffodils and Rob was out hanging planters with Geraniums in the front entrance this weekend. Geraniums remind me of a smell when I was a little kid. Grandmas and fun. I also loved Gigi's Camilia bushes and Liliacs. It was alway fun for me to be there on a really hot afternoon and get to water her rose bushes!!!! I loved it. We are so ready for color to be all over the place. Pretty soon we will be seeing green, green and more green. I love the woods of Cleveland. ...ahhh The Emerald Necklace... I hope Rob and I get to have grandbabies come visit this summer. Anytime is great for us!!!

SO SPRING WILL ALSO BRING NEW BABIES!!! We are so totally excited for the birth of Conner next week! And then his blessing on June 1st where the generations of Priesthood will be there! And then "Little Girl" will be born around June 12th. YEAH for that great event as well! Bless you Stephanie and Mayliln! More pictures to come with these little ones and their siblings soon!


gremhog said...

3 grands! They are wonderful!

Marissa said...

I love the pic of your house, so cottage-esque!!! And congrats on the upcoming grandbabies, they're so lucky to have g-parents like you guys!!
The other day I told Leo she was so smart and she said, "Well of course cuz my Bishop in Ohio would give me Smarties!" I laughed SO hard!!
You guys are missed.

Suzie Soda said...

I loved reading that comment from Riss about Leo. She is a smartie, And I always thought it was so cool that BIshop Rob would give her candy and treat her so special. When I saw that the first time, I knew he was a way cool Bishop.And you sound like an awesome grammy. Hope you are coming to Richmond sometime soon. Congrats on the new grandbabies. I just got #10. They are such a blessing.

Maylin said...

I'm sure Rob is in heaven being able to bumble around in the yard again! He takes such good care of the lawns and the flowers look great! We can't wait to meet Cousin Conner!

Heather said...

Robin!! Hey you! This is Heather (Hager) ! Ryan sent me the news of the new baby, Conner (he is perfect!) and I found your blog. How are you doing? It looks like your family is growin', growin'!!!

Denton said...

I love your house, and especially your yard. I want to come to your house and have carne asada again - that was the best.

I wrote a post about the first time we met with Bishop. You guys are definitely our second parents.