Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wow Pow

I miss Jaime !!!!!!

Brad Graduated from Chiropractic School ... and he says I never take his picture
Congrats to Christine and Garrett
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Ryan finishes 4th year in Dental School !

And dad of the year for one kid ... so far !
Mark lives through an Ohio Winter
Rob is super-star at HVAC / Air Diagnostic Summit in Dallas, TX and many, many other training seminars around the country !!
Congratulations to Brad for Finishing 4 years of Chiropractic College with honors from his family and a big move to Sacramento / Folsom, CA !!!!

And Dad of the year of three kids!!!
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Girl Friends

Sherry, Debbie, Me and Kristie

Robin, My Teri and Deb

Robin, Deb and Dana
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OK ... more out of order pics... these three are our November and December 2008. The Rockettes in NYC, Robs' annual leaf burning and Christmas with Mo, Mark and the Guarinos!

Pretty Little Girls in Pink

Princess Galla's Pink Birthday with Princess Sister Paisley

So cool Finn and Conner !!!

So much Fun Finn !!!

Muscle Legs Conner !!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

March in California with Mimi

So ... here are a few random pictures taken during my March in California. Ry, Steph & Cutie Conner in Loma Linda. Brad, May and kids in Folsom. Galla's Birthday, a nice and handsome brother Finn, and cutie-pie Paisley. Sacramento Train Museum, Hanging out with cousins, helping mammaw heal. Loma Linda University, park and soccer.

Ramdom March Pics

Sweet Mammaw

Galla, Finn and Paisley with Maylin and Bradley


Who is soooo CUTE .... Conner

For the past 5 weeks, I got to visit California Family. 1st stop.... Conner and his mom and dad! OK, Ryan and Steph were fun to be around as well. It was great to watch them play soccer!