Friday, March 11, 2011

More and More and MORE Snow!

When does it stop snowing in NorthEast Ohio? I say right after this snow storm. So I bundled up and took a walk around the yard so to document this final storm of the winter season. I know many of you were out snow shoveling and plowing and working, but me, well ... I got to stay in and blog and clean inside the house.

It is so beautiful out there. This beautiful white stuff was sooooo extremely heavy though. A few branches broke and many were drooping low.

I am thinking by Monday it will be allllll gone and the little purple crocus and mini white snowdrop flowers will begin to peek out.  Spring is so exciting around here.  I LOVE IT !
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On Saturday, March 5th we were invited to see the play "Shrek" at Playhouse Square with PJ and Mario Hegelwald. Mario snatched up some tickets from his work ... thus we got to sit in the box seats.

The play had amazing sets and costumes. I couldn't take pictures after it began, but here is a pic of the stage before.

The lobby of the Palace Theatre is beautiful. It is one of five historic theatres in Cleveland's Playhouse Square. The Allen, Hanna, Ohio, State and Palace. Playhouse Square is one of Cleveland's jewels which was boarded up in the early '70s. The vision of a few community leaders became a reality when restoration began in July of 1982 and by the end of the 1980's two of the four theatres opened for business while restoration continued on the others. The last of the beauties, the Hanna was finally finished in 2008. Today, Playhouse Square's multiple performance spaces together comprise the world's largest theater restoration project and our nations's largest performing arts center outside of New York.
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Rain, Sleet, Snow or Shine .. the Mail Must Go Through

February 26, 2011:  Right when we were driving up our road after picking up Rob from the Cleveland airport, the mail man was trying to get everyone their mail and kept getting stuck.  so Rescue-er Robby helps the mail go through! He spent the night trying to get out of Memphis, TN. Got stuck at the Memphis airport because of a tornado !!!
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Friday, March 4, 2011

Opa & Mimi . . . California Cruzin with Addi and Conner ... Steph & Ry too !

Having a BLAST in Disneyland with Addi, Conner, Stephanie and Ryan. 
A very, happy, Opa ... just loving his grands!  Life is GREAT when grandbabies are around!!
Building Ry a weather station... lots of good helpers!
 Baby # 3 ... coming soon!
and ... another handsome, capable Doctor ... say ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh .... Congrats Ryan on getting into the Oral and Maxillofacial Program! 
sooooo... we love and love and L OOOOOVE and love this little family and are so proud of all your accomplishments!

Dr. Falke - Santa's favorite Chiropractor

I mean really, who wouldn't go to this adorable, loving, chiropractor!!  He is EVERYBODYS favorite guy.  Brad and his family are doing an amazing job at growing up.  I love, love, love, love l -o - v - e, looooovvveee going to visit.  I 'get' to play on the floor, pretend and play dress-up, watch Star Wars and Princess Movies, get fed really great gourmet meals and snacks and best of all .... all the lovies and hugs I can possible get!
Beautiful Maylin holding smilie Ryken with sweet Galla and nice-guy Finn and amazing Brad holding pretty Paisley.
Action Shot ... wooooo hooooo
Loving our Grands in front of the Sacramento Temple ... They are sooooo cute!

and... btw .... I need a picture of Maylin running the marathon! ... send one over!

Cake Making Molly

Miss Molly Dolly and her way cool hubby Mark RG Houx come and have Sunday dinner with us whenever we can get together.  Rob and I are thankful they live in O HI O.  They always contribute something yummy ... but this dessert just "takes-the-cake".  Ummmmm it was so tasty.  It was an Orange-Rosemary cake.  Mark is always willing to help me with my (50 million) computer questions.  He is patient with his mother-in-law... ! and I am thankful for him.

Burrrr SnowLand in Avon Lake, O-hi-O

Come on over .... we'll hang outback and enjoy some ice cream sundays and banana splits. 
This was taken Feb 25, 2011. Rob was trying to get home from Memphis, TN and was held over because of tornados at the airport. 
Wow Pow

 Red Cardinal in Flight

Crystal Tree

Skype with Jaime

Been 'Skyping' with Jaime ... almost everyday!  She is now living in London for a few more months and I am very thankful for video chat.  Jaime is such a delight.  It is fun for me to try to catch her at home after one of her great adventures. Check out Jaime's blog.  Also it's entertaining to read what Eric has been up to as well via his music blog and  their blog.  I love to link into his blog and have his music start right up!  Thanks Eric ... you're a good and talented man.

Family History ... Gen-e-aaaall lo-geee

Well, I have been self teaching with the assistance of a few cool genealogy webinars and podcasts such as RootsMagic and GenealogyGems. And have been working diligently to get up enough courage to share and write about my personal day to day happenings of just what I've been doing with my empty nesting life. Not quit sure exactly how to "Tweet" the electronic way. But, way before "Twitter" came along, I  gave the title of this blog "Robin Tweets".   I also created a Family History Blog titled: "Robin Mac Goes Back"  I started it last year when Aunt Veda passed on to join her parents, brothers and sisters in heaven.  ...They were such a FUN group of siblings to watch!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Kerri Kitty and Fishies

You know how people will say this is my "stupid dog" or "stupid cat". Well this is my "cat". And she would be stupid only because I have to take the time to feed her and let her outside and occasionally clean up some 'hair-ball'. ewwwwww! But actually, she is my winter companion while the house is only me during the day or when Rob is away. So, I do appreciate her. But while I was visiting California in February, Kerri-Kitty's cat care giver, Molly ... needed to make sure 'stupid cat' wasn't getting to bored so she bought her some fish to watch. So, now I am spending some time trying to keep the fish happy ... can't they keep their own fish bowl clean? Feed themselves? .. Come ON now ...