Monday, January 14, 2008

Happy New Year

Wow Pow! We had so much fun at the beach house in Santa Cruz !!!! Being together with all the family is the greatest! Rob and I loved every minute!! Jaime found someone who will play a game with her pretty much anytime ... thanks Maylin !!!! We do all owe Eric an adventure kyaking and/or hiking next time though! He was so good to go to William Sonoma and In-n-Out instead. Miss Molly's Mark came along and was very tolerant to put up with the noise and quirks of all. It was so amazing to see Brad at his best - A really great dad and chef! And, so maybe we can all do a jog-a-long with Maylin next time too! Stephanie did great hiding her migrane all day and was such a team player on game night! Thank goodness Ryan brought along his great sense of humor, dental floss and dog and was full of fun! Wii all had so much fun!

Rob and I loved being woke up early each morning ready to take Galla and Finn so the rest could sleep in a little longer.