Monday, April 21, 2008


YEAH !!!! NO SNOW!! Lovin' those daffodils and Rob was out hanging planters with Geraniums in the front entrance this weekend. Geraniums remind me of a smell when I was a little kid. Grandmas and fun. I also loved Gigi's Camilia bushes and Liliacs. It was alway fun for me to be there on a really hot afternoon and get to water her rose bushes!!!! I loved it. We are so ready for color to be all over the place. Pretty soon we will be seeing green, green and more green. I love the woods of Cleveland. ...ahhh The Emerald Necklace... I hope Rob and I get to have grandbabies come visit this summer. Anytime is great for us!!!

SO SPRING WILL ALSO BRING NEW BABIES!!! We are so totally excited for the birth of Conner next week! And then his blessing on June 1st where the generations of Priesthood will be there! And then "Little Girl" will be born around June 12th. YEAH for that great event as well! Bless you Stephanie and Mayliln! More pictures to come with these little ones and their siblings soon!

Hunter Needs a Home

Our good neighbor Mike rescues puppies and found "Hunter" and the rest of his brothers and sisters all tied up by their back legs, which were all broken, so they couldn't escape! So the cutie-patuti puppy he had for a walk today is so frisky and fun and just waiting for a loving home. I was outside taking pictures of our daffodils and thought what a great place for even more cool people to see this little guy up for adoption! He is a purebread hunting dog and wants only to be a purebread family pet. If anyone knows anyone who is interested in this adorable guy let me know.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Yea!!!! I got to spend a couple of days with Molly and Jaime last weekend in Utah. We all meant there after Shelli Geilmanns wedding. Jaime was one of Shelli's bridesmaids and Molly caught up with us later that night. So, we girls got to enjoy our togetherness, shopping in SLC ... all day ..., going to the movies and eating some yummy junk food. And then fwe got to enjoy Scotty Mac's family talent show! That was the highlight for me. We were sad though that we missed cuzin Kylies Ballroom show at BYU ... but we just ran out of free time before the girls were off to the airport. I miss my little girlfriends. They are amazing and incredibly way cool.

Thanks girls for being my friends and full of life and love.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Daffodil Finn

Here he is ... FINN! AKA mini Brad... he is so much like Brad. If he continues to be like his dad then he will so totally cool for life! What a fun time we had with him too. He is my little friend. I am thankful for him and his talking eyes.
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Time in Oregon

Galla and I were enjoying our time together, when suddenly Bradley takes our picture. Galla just does not like to pose or look or smile for the camera. We can't figure it out, but we do have so much fun with her. She is a totak cutie and a wonderful older sister. I loved playing with her and being friends. It is the BEST being a grandma!!!!

Now, after Brad and Maylin came back home I was able to "check-in" to the View Point Inn right up the mountain and take a day of rest. Actually, I was stuck up there because I didn't have a car and it was so much fun being waited on by a staff of five. The hotel was closed for a couple of days, but let me stay there ... Yes, we paid. So, I was able to talk with all of them and find out about their lives ... they then made sure I came back for dinner on Thursday Night for a meal specially prepared by their famous Chef, Matt Crone and my guests. So Rob, Brad, Maylin and myself enjoyed the most beautiful view in all of the Portland area while being served the most amazing seven course gourmet meal ever. Matt even went out and picked stinging nettle right when we got there to make this amazing steamed nettle/copacolla/garlic vegetable appetizer I have ever eaten. It was such a treat. The room I stayed in was the view of all views. Rob worked the entire time and so I just had it to myself while waiting for Brad, Maylin and the kids to come on up the mountain to visit and then wisk me away for fun and just hangin out with my wonderful, adorable grandbabies.

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