Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Uplifting Moment in Music and A beginning of an Era ...

Since I am a HUGE lover of most music ... today I decided to go on the music side on this blog ... Besides "In the Mood" by Glen Miller being one of my favorite here are a couple of others as well. From each end of the spectrum. Hope you enjoy ... and get up and shake-it!!!

2008 Grammys - Andrea Bocelli & Josh Groban - The Prayer

I remember watching this for the first time at the Wells-es ...
It was a real Thrill ... Disco Dancing Lives On ...
And today, he is back .. this one we have to look at the entire page.

Monday, February 11, 2008


Yes, it is 5 degrees as I am entering this post. I do realize this doesn't help any of my efforts to get any of you to move here, but you can purchase a really big fine and nice 6 bedroom house with everything for probably $400.00 or less. And with that comes the most fun and loving Mimi and Opa ever! Ready and willing to babysit anytime. Great hikes and biking trails ... graffitti free and pretty much gang free! Just be watching for the amazing spring, summer and autumn pictures too. I love you all a lot!!!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Corrections on Post down below ...

Well ... now these are the jobs that have asked me to give tours for them. Yeah!!!

The post below does not have these sites hooked onto them ... woops... "my bad"

And ... another big woops! I didn't find out it was Susan Hatch-es big 59 until just tonight!

Well H.B. goes out to my friend Susan! ... Great Traditions you have. Let's see what would I have given her.... hummmmm .. I am thinking some Chocolate (milk of course) and then some rubby slippers

Valentines for Honeys

This one is for your Galla ... and all my other girls who share the love of Disney with me!
Thanks for the idea Susan!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OO4pOMI9F2k

Tour Director update

Hey, Hey ... the above www's are links to some student tours that have been offered to me. This should be a real brain builder for me... because there is SO MUCH DETAIL to know and remember. What is way cool, is that I got the jobs! woooo, whoooo, deee, whooo!
I am truly thankful for Robs support! ! !

Having Fun with Boulder-ittes

This is me with mini-me! Well at least some of Jaime is me! We had fun shopping for new jeans at "Nordstrom" ... uttthummm ... Jaime made the most yummy banana waffles with a really yummy orange syrup. That last part is NOT mini-me. She likes to cook all the time!!! Eric, Jaime, Rob and I loved walking to view the Flat Irons a little closer. They were amazing! Truly Amazing. I am so excited to go back and visit when there are leaves on the trees.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Happy Birthdays and xoxoxoxo day

Happy Birthdays go out to a lot of you .... and I know this doesn't make up for money magazines, gifts, cards, etc. But Big Happy Days to my Stephanie .... Way back on Jan 23rd, and to Saundra Mathias TODAY, and Marissa Romans and Steve Weight on Feb 6th ... woooo whooo Big 50 for Steve! and then there is Ryan .... WOW POW ... really 29 on Feb 7th! And our Maylin on the 11th of Feb will be celebrating. And Happy Birthday to Aunt Veda. I love her! She is the Matriarch of the McCleskeys now!

I love Valentines Day... because I love Pink and Red and lace and doilies! And I love valentines! They are just so feminine. And I love chocolates, and roses picked from someones garden. I am thinking Rob has taught his boys the joys of giving Valentines to their sweethearts!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Important Nothings

Well Hi, Hello, Hey ...
Which of my important nothings shall I tell you first?

So for you "Out West" family and friends, I am attempting to put some pics of our remodeled Bedroom and Bathrooms on here.

Thanks so much to my friend Emily Musso for saving the "comments" button on this blog ... I was just about to make a new one. It would have less rrrrr's. (just roll your tongue). So, this is the beginner version --- STILL.

Right now I am watching "Grease" on TV and ... it is naughty ... I just didn't remember it being so full of "Rizo Kicks". ... I like the part where Sandy sings "Hopelessly Devoted" on her friends front porch in her long-sleeve high-neck white night gown. And that Danny Zuko is such a hottie. ... I can say hottie !!!!