Sunday, February 3, 2008

Important Nothings

Well Hi, Hello, Hey ...
Which of my important nothings shall I tell you first?

So for you "Out West" family and friends, I am attempting to put some pics of our remodeled Bedroom and Bathrooms on here.

Thanks so much to my friend Emily Musso for saving the "comments" button on this blog ... I was just about to make a new one. It would have less rrrrr's. (just roll your tongue). So, this is the beginner version --- STILL.

Right now I am watching "Grease" on TV and ... it is naughty ... I just didn't remember it being so full of "Rizo Kicks". ... I like the part where Sandy sings "Hopelessly Devoted" on her friends front porch in her long-sleeve high-neck white night gown. And that Danny Zuko is such a hottie. ... I can say hottie !!!!


gremhog said...

To the outwest family...the bedroom and bathroom are lovely...I've seen it.

Grease? Dirty? Nah! Who'd a thunk it? But doesn't it go along with Dirty Dancing? works for me but then a lot of things work for me that doesn't work for others. Years ago at a MI Super Saturday I made book thongs....bookmarks. they are lovely but the name is not appreciated in our ward. tsk tsk.

And hooray for Emily and the comment button success. so glad to be finally able to comment live

Rob said...

Hey Ro, I love your blog. Is this so I can kind of be with you when you travel all the time? It's so you. I guess that why I think its so cool.

Albertson family said...

yeah!!! I can finally comment! I'm so glad you have a blog. Your house look fabulous. My husband just told we are making time to come back to cleveland at the end of April. We will see how it works out, hopefully we can see you. love ya, and tell molly moo Hi
Sister Steadman

Maylin said...

Hooray for comments! The remodel looks grood, I mean, good! You've got great style. Hopefully we can come see it this summer...I think Galla would like to soak in that nice bath!

Kristie and Roger said...

Beautiful..........very chic.
Mine is coming along so slowly.