Monday, February 4, 2008

Happy Birthdays and xoxoxoxo day

Happy Birthdays go out to a lot of you .... and I know this doesn't make up for money magazines, gifts, cards, etc. But Big Happy Days to my Stephanie .... Way back on Jan 23rd, and to Saundra Mathias TODAY, and Marissa Romans and Steve Weight on Feb 6th ... woooo whooo Big 50 for Steve! and then there is Ryan .... WOW POW ... really 29 on Feb 7th! And our Maylin on the 11th of Feb will be celebrating. And Happy Birthday to Aunt Veda. I love her! She is the Matriarch of the McCleskeys now!

I love Valentines Day... because I love Pink and Red and lace and doilies! And I love valentines! They are just so feminine. And I love chocolates, and roses picked from someones garden. I am thinking Rob has taught his boys the joys of giving Valentines to their sweethearts!


Maylin said...

I'll take one of those froggy cupcakes--so cute! Yum!

Brad said...

Mom, do you remember that MY birthday wasn't too long ago? Why couldn't you have gotten busy a few months later?

Karen said...

I'm LOVING the photo of the rocks! So way cool!

Hey guess what! We're moving again. Russ is working on the Navajo reservation in Farmington, NM. No, he hasn't grown a pony tail but he really, really wants to!

Can't believe how your family has grown! What a FUN bunch of kids and grandkids you have!

We're still in TX for now, but soon how to be together soon!

This week was my very first time blogging. I feel so cool!

Love ya,

Karen said...

uh..............Karen Litke

Marissa said...

hello Prom Queen!!! Thanks for the birthday shout-out!!! It was a great day although I did have a "mid-life crisis" the night before, how come I'm 31 but act like i'm 13? My big behind sure don't look like no 13-year-old's. I miss you guys - getta outta that cold and come visit us in sunny VA - last week it got up to 70 degrees! I miss everyone but definitely NOT the snow!! Our house can be your snowbird get-away.
lotta love - marissa