Monday, February 11, 2008


Yes, it is 5 degrees as I am entering this post. I do realize this doesn't help any of my efforts to get any of you to move here, but you can purchase a really big fine and nice 6 bedroom house with everything for probably $400.00 or less. And with that comes the most fun and loving Mimi and Opa ever! Ready and willing to babysit anytime. Great hikes and biking trails ... graffitti free and pretty much gang free! Just be watching for the amazing spring, summer and autumn pictures too. I love you all a lot!!!


gremhog said...

don't you me $4000 less? or more? Houses are going for steal right now. But why would a lovely picture of snow bother your kids. What's wrong with snow? The Lord made He must think it serves a purpose. Might be they need to be toughened up, like we are.

Kristie and Roger said...

This is why I left Utahr and moved to California......It's so warm here today.......
I don't miss snow at all.
but it does look romantic

Maylin said... bring up some good points. How can we get you to move back to CA?

Robin said...

2011 ... I am buying a home where you guys are !!!

Our Ole' Kentucky Home said...

We need come up there and visit you there. It has been way to long, and it would be so nice to see some "family". perhaps soon.