Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Time in Oregon

Galla and I were enjoying our time together, when suddenly Bradley takes our picture. Galla just does not like to pose or look or smile for the camera. We can't figure it out, but we do have so much fun with her. She is a totak cutie and a wonderful older sister. I loved playing with her and being friends. It is the BEST being a grandma!!!!

Now, after Brad and Maylin came back home I was able to "check-in" to the View Point Inn right up the mountain and take a day of rest. Actually, I was stuck up there because I didn't have a car and it was so much fun being waited on by a staff of five. The hotel was closed for a couple of days, but let me stay there ... Yes, we paid. So, I was able to talk with all of them and find out about their lives ... they then made sure I came back for dinner on Thursday Night for a meal specially prepared by their famous Chef, Matt Crone and my guests. So Rob, Brad, Maylin and myself enjoyed the most beautiful view in all of the Portland area while being served the most amazing seven course gourmet meal ever. Matt even went out and picked stinging nettle right when we got there to make this amazing steamed nettle/copacolla/garlic vegetable appetizer I have ever eaten. It was such a treat. The room I stayed in was the view of all views. Rob worked the entire time and so I just had it to myself while waiting for Brad, Maylin and the kids to come on up the mountain to visit and then wisk me away for fun and just hangin out with my wonderful, adorable grandbabies.

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Look at that lush bed!