Sunday, November 11, 2007

Wow Pow

This is a genuine real effort to make this blog happen. Hopefully it will serve as my attempt to share some important events and happenings to you from me. To think that someone out there just might want to know what is happening with Rob and me while hanging out here in Avon Lake.

Well I'll tell ya. It's been all about remodeling since August. See pictures ... Ahhhhhh !!!!! Although, Rob was able to get me out and away from this icky adventure to more fun family stuff. See more pictures. Yessssss !!!

But, tomorrow or maybe Tuesday, I will be posting some more pictures of remodel good progresses.

And one of the best of all news is Molly is going to go to the Temple for the first time this Wednesday. What a great thing.

And you know what else is great? Grandbabies ... Galla, Finn, little Steph or Ry (in May) and another little Brad or May in June !!!! Yeah... Robin and Rob 4 Grandkids!

Well hope you are all going to have a really great week ! Keep in touch!

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Jenn said...

OH ROBIN!!! I found you!! I love your blog!! So glad to see your sweet family is growing!

Jenny Kuhn