Thursday, November 6, 2008

Mark & Molly Houx

A beautiful, happy couple with a sence of humor and lots of sensibility.
Marks favorite picture
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Albertson Family said...

Molly, you are so beautiful....not just beautiful......Gorgious! I love the dress! I am so glad you are happy.

Andrea said...

Looks like the wedding was beautiful! LOVE the dress SOOO Jane Austen. Did Debbie make it? Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emily said...

She looks beautiful Robin--can't wait to have the four of you over for pizza night!

Caroline said...

Molly does look beautiful! what a great day. Your family keeps growing, and you all look so happy!

gremhog said...

what is the mother-in-law doing...wedging herself inbetween? hmmmmm? hmmmmm? I'm just sayin'

kimlis said...

Great photos!!

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