Friday, October 10, 2008


Rob and I are really blessed with good endearing friends !! We have a lot of FOR-EVVV-ERRR friends. Some beloved friends are from Fresno, California. Some from SLC, Tooele, South Jordan and American Fork, Utah. We miss and think about our eternal Turlock family and friends a lot!!! We have dear, heartfelt forever friends in Fairview Park and Sandusky, Ohio ...along with Westlake, Lakewood and Bay.... We have binding friendships in our not-so-new Lorain Ward. We cherish and miss our forever friends in England and Scotland. Last month, our ol' pals Scott and Alison Parkinson came bearing tickets to the U of U / Michigan game. We had a blast ... We were in our 20's again.

We welcome all of our ol' pals and buddies anytime... come stay with us to visit Kirtland, travel to NY or go to a game, concert or just come on over for a BBQ or walk in the woods. WE WELCOME YOU... and hold on to our eternal bonds of friendships full of memories forrr-evvv-errrrr!


Maylin said...

You and Rob are such good people that you attract other good people everywhere you go, not to mention how fun and friendly you are! So glad to be part of your rockin' family!

Suzie Soda said...

Sure which you would come visit Richmond sometime soon. We miss oue trips to Cleveland. xoxoxoxo