Monday, October 13, 2008


Ahhhhhh, a yard to play in..... alllllll dayyyyyy looooong !!!
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Maylin said...

My boys are soooo handsome! I miss them but I'm glad they are having fun. Is that second pic supposed to be a video? How do I watch it so I can cheer on my ball-kicking boy?

Kristy said... have the most wonderful blog! What an awesome mom and grandma you role model! Thanks for sharing your life with me. See you in two weeks for the big day!

CB and Jenn Allen said...

Looks like you had fun with Brad and his little boy! What a beautiful family you have!

-Jenny (Kuhn) Allen

(our blog is no longer private)

kimlis said...


I tag you. Go to your picture folders. Pick the fourth folder. In it pick the fourth picture. Post that picture and tell something about it and why it was special. When you are finished tag four other people.

Look forward to seeing your pic!