Sunday, September 6, 2009

Just the Robbies

Hello to my blog. This has been a lovely summer for Rob and I. We love the woods out back. And are so happy to have Molly and Mark so close by. It is however, sad to be missing sooooo much little growing up times of our Galla, Finn, Conner and Paisley! We are proud of our four adult children! They are all so successful and progressing so much. This is Labor Day weekend and we are getting ready for fall. Rob has been getting all the flowerbeds ready for new plantings.

Maybe some more pictures and fun stories tomorrow!
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Kristy said...

Hi Robin...I have enjoyed getting caught up on your blog. We love your family so much. We got to spend the day and evening up in Folsom with the boys and their adorable riding along the river; eatin lunch out at a fun Folsom spot; playing with your awesome grandkids; eating Brad's yummy homemade pizza for dinner and Stephanie's yummy crock-pot dessert and just hanging out! It was a blast of a day! We hated to leave. Galla, Finn, Conner and Paisley are so wonderful! I have to admit that Brad and I love being "Arial and Uncle Eric" to Galla.

Millie said...

Cute and cuddly...ahhhh!

Yvonne said...

Hello Robbies! Just been catching up on your blog, lovely pics. I've had a great year so far spending time in the UK with friends from the USA. I couldn't afford to go there so they came here. Maybe next year if I have the spodulecks. Depends on whether or not I buy a motorhome which depends on whether or not I find one which like and which I can afford.
Love to you all,
Yvonne and all the family, especially Pop xxxxx