Monday, March 3, 2008

At the beginning of February, Rob and I got to visit Eric and Jaime in Boulder. We had fun seeing how they are living and enjoying their lives. Eric has turned their office closet into his new sound studio. I think if anyone actually reads this blog you will really enjoy taking the time to hook onto their Blog, put on your headphones and listen to Erics latest songs he has wrote and sings. whoooo hooooo Eric. And Jaime, you make some really mean banana pancakes with orange syrup. You and Annie keep everyone walking all day long if Annie had her way. I think I am ready to come back and hike up Iron Flats for at least 1/8th of it !!!


Doum said...

See Here

gremhog said...

I have been there but I don't use headphones...should I? I just like my music to fill the home.

Still no recipe. And I need to get the stuff if I don't have it before the storm arrives. OR...maybe this recipe is a secret. If it is, just say the word and I'll give up my dream. For secret recipes are something I will respect.