Thursday, March 6, 2008

Burrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Again!!!!

Usually when I wake up in the morning and open my curtains and see this, I think OK .. it is soooo pretty. But COME ON... it's March ... I'm ready to fly kites, not shovel the 3 foot snow boulders the city snow plower left in our driveway entrance!!! Tomorrow, I am just going to go out there an build a snowman. One time Jaime built a snowwoman in the back yard...just for MacKay... (inside joke). You know what though? I am so thankful for my cozy little cottage in the woods. And I did see a rabbit hopping by out of the wood pile a couple of days ago. But, it was getting chassed by a beautiful red-chested hawk... not a hunter. And, I really enjoy feeding the little varments that hang out in the woods. I love to hear the birds songs on a quite snowy day. Oh, and tonight we had an emergcy broadcast across the TV telling us that our county was on a "boil water alert". The water is so nasty anyway to drink... We only drink bottled water as is. But last night we had an ice storm, and then I scooped up a few glasses of snowy-ice and saved them until they melted... and ummmmm it was so good.


gremhog said...

You didn't melt yellow snow, did you?

And how about the blizzard that's coming tomorrow? What do you think? Still planning on heading to Westwood Avenue?

Emily said...

I'm with you Robin, the snows nice and all but it's March now and I'm a gettin' ready for a wee bit 'o spring, please. The boys have been asking to come over and play star wars again :), and we have been meaning to have you and Bishop over here. Good luck with the shoveling (done it three times today) and have a nice snowed in sunday tomorrow!

gremhog said... had all weekend to be snowbound and to take pix and to blog. what did you do instead? Want more blog entries!